Hi guys, Barnabie Bunny here! If you found your way to this site, chances are I need no introduction... but on the off chance that you somehow stumbled here by some lucky coincidence, welcome.


As I said, the name's Barnabie, but you can feel free to just call me, Bunny. I'm freelance illustrator and professional pin-up artist! I love to make cartoons and comics. I've been drawing since the age of 6, and since that time I've acquired my degree in traditional 2d animation. I've worked in the industry for over a decade now, primarily as a storyboard artist. 


At almost every studio I've worked at, I'm regarded as "The Female Guy" for my unique talent for drawing the female figure. This unique gift has rapidly allowed me gain traction and has helped propel my new career as an ADULT comix Illustrator.


I've been drawing XXX art as of January 2019... and thus, this site, www.mybadbunny.com, was born. Along with this site, I carry with me my years of experience, my new private office, my desktop setup, my trusty Wacom board, and my ongoing dedication to my fans. Thank you all for the continued love and support. 


If you're a new fan, I invite you to check out my latest artwork in the link below. Have fun!

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If you love XXX Comix, good news, I'm also on JabComix.com! And I'm always live on their chat on Sundays at 9PM EST! 

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